Evening Reading for February 23

John 5:1-15
Suggested further reading: Genesis 3:13-19

We read of a man who had been ill for no less than thirty-eight years! For eight-and-thirty weary summers and winters he had endured pain and infirmity. He had seen others healed at the waters of Bethesda and going to their homes rejoicing. But for him there had been no healing.

When we read of cases of sickness like this, we should remember how deeply we ought to hate sin! Sin was the original root and cause and fountain of every disease in the world. God did not create man to be full of aches and pains and infirmities. These things are the fruits of the Fall. There would have been no sickness if there had been no sin.

No greater proof can be shown of man's inbred unbelief than his carelessness about sin. `Fools', says the wise man, `make a mock at sin' (Prov. 14:9). Thousands delight in things which are positively evil and run greedily after that which is downright poison. They love that which God abhors and dislike that which God loves. They are like the madman who loves his enemies and hates his friends. Their eyes are blinded. Surely if men would only look at hospitals and infirmaries and think what havoc sin has made on this earth, they would never take pleasure in sin as they do.

Well may we be told to pray for the coming of God's kingdom! Well may we be told to long for the second advent of Jesus Christ! Then, and not till then, shall there be no more curse on the earth, no more suffering, no more sorrow and no more sin. Tears shall be wiped from the faces of all who love Christ's appearing, when their Master returns. Weakness and infirmity shall all pass away. Hope deferred shall no longer make hearts sick. There will be no chronic invalids and incurable cases, when Christ has renewed this earth.

For meditation: Christ promises his people a glorious body like his own (Phil. 3:20-21), a body transformed by his power.

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