Evening Reading for April 25

John 8:37-47
Suggested further reading: Ephesians 6:10-20

We are taught in these verses the reality and character of the devil. Our Lord speaks of him as one whose personality and existence are beyond dispute. In solemn words of stern rebuke he says to his unbelieving enemies, `Ye are of your father the devil,' led by him, doing his will and showing unhappily that you are like him. And then he paints his picture in dark colours, describing him as a `murderer' from the beginning, as a `liar' and the father of lies.

There is a devil! We have a mighty invisible enemy always near us, one who never slumbers and never sleeps, one who is about our path and about our bed and spies out all our ways and will never leave us till we die. He is a murderer! His great aim and object is to ruin us for ever and kill our souls. To destroy, to rob us of eternal life, to bring us down to the second death in hell are the things for which he is unceasingly working. He is ever going about, seeking whom he may devour. He is a liar! He is continually trying to deceive us by false representations, just as he deceived Eve at the beginning. He is always telling us that good is evil and evil good, truth is falsehood and falsehood truth, the broad way good and the narrow way bad. Millions are led captive by his deceit and follow him, both rich and poor, both high and low, both learned and unlearned. Lies are his chosen weapons. By lies he slays many.

These are awful things, but they are true. Let us live as if we believed them. Let us not be like many who mock and sneer and scoff and deny the existence of the very being who is invisibly leading them to hell. Let us believe there is a devil and watch and pray and fight hard against his temptations. Strong as he is, there is one stronger than he who said to Peter, `I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not' (Luke 22:32) and who still intercedes at God's right hand. Let us commit our souls to him. With such a being as the devil going to and fro in the world, we never need wonder to see evil abounding. But with Christ on our side, we need not be afraid.

For meditation: The devil deceives men into denying his existence and thereby disarms them.

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