Morning Reading for September 23

Luke 19:11-27
Suggested further reading: 2 Corinthians 5:1-10

In this parable we are told the present position of our Lord (v. 12). When the Lord Jesus left the world he ascended into heaven as a conqueror, leading captivity captive. He is there sitting at the right hand of God, doing the work of a High Priest for all his believing people, and ever making intercession for them. But he will not sit there always. He will come forth from the holy of holies to bless his people. When Christ returns the kingdoms of this earth shall become his.

All professing Christians are compared to servants who have been left in charge of money by an absent master with strict instructions to use that money well (v. 13). The countless privileges which Christians enjoy compared to others are like money given to them by Christ for which they must one day give account. Our responsibility is far greater than that of those who have never heard the gospel. Much has been given to us and much will be required.

Are we living like men who know to whom they are indebted and to whom they must one day give account? This is the only life worthy of a reasonable being. The best answer we can give to those who invite us to plunge into worldliness and frivolity is the Master's commandment which is before us. Let us tell them that we will not consent because we are looking for the coming of the Lord. We must be busy until he comes.

A certain reckoning awaits all professing Christians (v. 15). There is a day coming when the Lord Jesus Christ shall judge his people and give to everyone according to his works. The course of this world shall not always go on as now. Disorder, confusion, false profession and unpunished sin shall not always cover the face of the earth. The Judge shall sit on his throne. High and low, rich and poor, gentle and simple will all at length give an account to God. Let this thought exercise an influence on our hearts and lives. The time for wickedness to triumph is short. Let us judge ourselves so that we shall not be condemned and let us live in the light of the judgement (1 Cor. 11:31; James 2:12).

For meditation: Let our one ambition in life or death be to please Christ.

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