Morning Reading for April 25

Luke 12:41-48
Suggested further reading: Luke 13:22-27

Those who neglect the duties of their calling are in awful danger (v. 46). These words apply to ministers, but also to all who occupy positions of trust. Peter's request for clarification as to whom these things applied (v. 41) received no answer.

The language which our Lord uses about slothful and unfaithful servants is peculiarly severe. Few places in the Gospels contain such strong expressions as these. The same loving Saviour, who holds out mercy to the uttermost to the penitent and believing, never shrinks from holding up the judgements of God against those who despise his counsels. Let no man deceive himself on this subject. There is a hell for one who goes on in his wickedness, no less than a heaven for a believer in Jesus.

Let us strive so to live that whenever our heavenly Master comes we May be found ready to receive him. Let us watch our hearts with a godly jealousy and beware of any disposition to lower our standard of holiness.

The greater a man's religious light, the greater is his guilt if he is not converted (vv. 47-48). The lesson of these verses is one of wide application. It demands the attention of many classes. The judgement of every man who has the Bible will be far greater than the judgement of the heathen who has never seen or read it. Every hearer of the gospel is far more guilty than the inhabitant of some dark place where nothing but semi-heathen morality is heard. Every child in a Christian family is far more blameworthy in God's sight than those who live in houses where no honour is paid to the Word of God. Let these things never be forgotten. Our judgement at the last day will be according to our light and opportunities.

What are we doing with our religious knowledge? Are we using it wisely and turning it to good account? Or are we content to know the Lord's will but not to do it? Knowledge not used and light not followed only add to our condemnation.

For meditation: Even if a man was a walking encyclopaedia of Bible knowledge it would not save him. The Bible has to be believed and obeyed.

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