Morning Reading for May 25

Luke 5:29-32
(Matthew 9:10-13; Mark 2:15-17)

Suggested further reading: 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10

Conversion is a cause of joy to a true believer. When Levi was converted he made a feast. A feast is made for laughter and merriment. Levi regarded the change in himself as an occasion for rejoicing and wished others to rejoice with him also.

Levi did right to rejoice, and if we are converted let us rejoice likewise. Nothing can happen that ought to be such an occasion of joy as conversion. It is a far more important event than being married, or coming of age, or wealth. It is the birth of an immortal soul! It is the rescue of a sinner from hell! It is being made a king and priest for evermore! It is being provided for both in time and eternity! It is adoption into the noblest and richest of all families, the family of God! Let us not heed the opinion of the world in this matter. Let us with Levi consider every fresh conversion a cause for great rejoicing. The words of the prodigal's father should be remembered (Luke 15:32).

Converted souls desire the conversion of others. When Levi was converted he made a feast and invited a large group of his friends and companions. He knew well what their souls needed, for he had been one of them. He desired to make them acquainted with that Saviour who had been merciful to himself. Having found mercy, he wanted them also to find it. Having been graciously delivered from the bondage of sin, he wished others also to be set free.

The feeling of Levi will always be the feeling of the true Christian. There is no grace in the man who cares nothing about the salvation of his fellow men. The heart that is really taught by the Holy Spirit will always be full of love and compassion. A converted man will not wish to go to heaven alone.

How is it with ourselves in this matter? Do we strive in every way to make our friends and relatives acquainted with Christ? We have many biblical examples (Num. 10:29; John 1:41; 4:39). This supplies a searching test of the real state of our souls.

For meditation: Would you sit by while friends and relatives burned to death in a house on fire? Do you sit by while friends and relatives head for eternal fire?

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