Morning Reading for May 26

Luke 5:29-32
(Matthew 9:10-13; Mark 2:15-17)

Suggested further reading: Romans 5:6-11

One of Christ's principal offices is that of Physician. The scribes and Pharisees who criticized him for eating and drinking with publicans and sinners received a clear reply (v. 31).

The Lord Jesus did not come into the world, as some suppose. to be nothing more than a Lawgiver, a King, a Teacher and an example. Had this been all the purpose of his coming it would have been small comfort for man. Diet tables and rules for living are all very well for the convalescent, but not suitable to the man labouring under a mortal disease. A teacher and an example might be sufficient for an unfallen man like Adam in the Garden of Eden. But fallen sinners like ourselves want healing first, before we can value rules.

The Lord Jesus came into the world to be a Physician as well as a Teacher. He knew the necessities of human nature. He saw us all sick of a mortal disease, struck with the plague of sin and dying daily. He pitied us and came down to bring us divine medicine for our relief. He came to give health and cure to the dying, to heal the broken-hearted, and to offer strength to the weak. No sin-sick soul is too far gone for him. It is his glory to heal and restore life to the most desperate cases. For unfailing skill, for unwearied tenderness, for long experience of man's spiritual ailments, the great Physician of souls stands alone. Have we ever applied to him for relief?

We need to be frequently reminded that only those can receive benefit from him who will confess that they are ruined, bankrupt, hopeless, miserable sinners. Let us use this mighty truth if we have never used it before. Are we conscious of our own wickedness and sinfulness? Do we feel that we are unworthy of anything but wrath and condemnation? Then let us understand that we are the very persons for whose sake Jesus came into the world (v. 32). If we feel ourselves sinners Christ calls us to repentance.
For meditation:

Let not conscience make you linger,

Nor of fitness fondly dream.

All the fitness he requireth

Is to feel your need of him


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